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All Cabin Safety Passenger Briefing cards are designed not only to comply with, but to exceed all appropriate government regulations. We've worked extensively with many regulatory agencies throughout the world. That helps keep us on the cutting edge of introducing new procedures and regulations on our products, often before governmental regulation changes require such changes to be implemented.

3-panel cardAll of our cards are designed using a "graphic" presentation of equipment and procedures. Research has shown that use of clear illustrations, rather than extensive written text or photographs, is more effective in portraying vital information and increasing passenger recall when needed.

Cabin Safety cards use limited color. Test results clearly indicate extensive use of colors in particular illustrations can be distracting. That's why we use color to accent a needed movement or action. That way, only necessary color is added to an illustration to draw the reader's attention.

Whether considering a "full color" or discounted price "two-color" version of a card, Cabin Safety maintains the same approach to its illustrated presentation. Each subject area is distinctly separated and all emergency exits are color-coded. Further, each card is "color-coded" to insure proper placement on a particular aircraft or aircraft type.

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