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Cabin Safety International Ltd. has been providing passenger safety briefing cards to the aviation industry since 1981.

Only Cabin Safety is staffed by former personnel having worked directly within the airline industry in various positions as Flight Attendants, Inflight Services Management and Cabin Crew Emergency Training Instructors. This makes communication with our staff far more effective towards a mutual goal of presenting vital safety information in an attractive and professional manner readily understood by your passengers.

We've always offered our products to the entire industry, not just concentrating on large major carriers. It takes the same amount of research and development (and therefore cost) to design and produce a safety card for a 2-place Piper Cub as it does for a Boeing 747. And, we always pass any "savings" along to our customers.

Cabin Safety's Passenger Safety Briefing Cards are competitively priced, and often priced far below "in house" production and the prices of our competitors. We will match or beat any legitimate written quotation.

All Cabin Safety cards are tested and updated constantly to insure accuracy and understanding for passenger retention of the content.

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